The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for… well, for the duration. 1.3.14

Howdy folks,


In a week or so, we will know all our National Champions.

If you’re still following along with the blog at this late date, odds are pretty good that you’re heading out to Boulder in a few days.

Good luck!

Since everyone races in different categories, and each category races on different days, offering up training advice for this whole mess puts a fella in a bit of pickle.

So, here’s the deal:

What i’m going to do is post a “Week of the big race” schedule. You plug in your race day, count back, and BAM! a plan!





(Fair warning… I give myself license to contradict the following schedule with newer postings later on in the week.)

  One Week Before Race – 

Warmup Race, Race simulation outdoors, or The Doppelganger.

6 days before race:

Recovery spin

5 days before race:

Downhill Sprints,  Form Sprintsor 1-2 Hour Moderate Ride

4 days before race:

Slow Roast, or 2 x10, or 1/2 a Classic 2×20) or 1-2 Hour Moderate Ride

3 Days before race:

Spin-Ups   or   Form Sprints

2 Days before race:

1-2 Hour Moderate Ride and/or Course Preview or take the day off.

Day before Race:

Can Openers  or Ignition and  Course Preview

Day of Race:

Race. Yer. Ass. Off.


I’ve hotlinked The descriptions/explanations for all of these workouts, although if you’ve been following for a while, there isn’t anything here you haven’t seen before.

Have fun,


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