Stuff For Sale…

– Ritchey WCS Cyclocross Fork. B/O

– Wound Up Cyclocross Fork. 1&1/8 threadless steerer. B/O

– Redline carbon cyclocross fork 1&1/8 threadless steerer B/O

– 2 sets Campagnolo Chorus 9 speed brifters, AL. levers B/O

– 2 Campagnolo Chorus 9 speed rear derailleurs. B/O

– Just about any length stem you could want, I have a box of them. Email if you need something.

Email for info to:


4 Responses to “Stuff For Sale…”

  1. Hey,
    I’m still interested in the redline fork if its still available. Pics perhaps- Love your blog man- I think you may have fixed my foot dabbing – I’ve been trying to fix it for two seasons. Not sure if this is the right spot, but what is your take on recovery weeks during the season- been racing for four straight doubles.

  2. Glad to see you’re back up and posting. Looking forward to great season


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