Bike Fitting (updated!)

Hey, cool!

As of today, I’m back in the bike fit game!

I will now be doing bike fits at FootWorks Cycles, located in the Pioneer Square area of Downtown Seattle. 

We’re very pleased to provide a range of bike fitting services to suit riders of all disciplines and at every level of the sport, offering Dynamic Cycling Analysis utilizing the Dartfish motion capture & analysis system.

Interested?  Drop me a line!


Here’s my bike-fit bio, in brief:

Matthew Hill is a Category 1 racer in the Road, Cyclocross, and Mountain Bike disciplines. He counts among his accomplishments multiple national championships, well over a dozen district championships, and 100 or so winning rides at the local, regional, and national level. He has raced bikes internationally, and has raced (and won) multiple 24 hour Mtb. events.

As a bicycle fit specialist, Matthew has worked for many national, regional, and even World champions, and hundreds of cyclists at the recreational and sport-performance end of the spectrum. He is a F.I.S.T. certified specialist in triathlon bicycle fitting, and with time trial district championships numbering well into the double digits, he is uniquely well positioned to understand the needs of the timed specialist disciplines. At the 2008 Washington State District TT championship, over one-half of the winning riders had consulted Matthew for fit and positioning advice and services.

As a coach for the Marymoor Velodrome Association’s Cyclocross practice sessions, Matthew has taught cyclocross fundamentals to thousands of cyclists for more than a decade. Athletes who first learned the basics of Cyclocross from Matthew have gone on to win National Championships and international distinction, including podium placings at the World Cup level.

As a coach and trainer, Matthew’s clients include multiple National Champions, a World Champion, and many successful local racers, STP riders, and entry-level enthusiasts. Two of his Cyclocross Athletes won podium placings at the 2008 National Championship, with one taking home the stars and stripes.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions!


2 Responses to “Bike Fitting (updated!)”

  1. Let me know if you’re still doing fits….I need one.

    • Hi Larry,
      Sorry for the delayed response, just rescued this from the spam filter.
      I am just starting to do fits again, please drop me a line at smallmaker-at-gmail-dot-com so we can set something up.

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