The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Friday, 12.7.18. “The Big Dance”

Howdy folks,

So, hey… here we are, it’s the week before Nationals.

This is the end of the road for most (the few) of you left.

Congrats, you made it!

In honor of that, no workout of the day today. Sorta.

Instead, I’m going to drop an outline of the week before your big race on ‘ya.


Since everyone races on different days, what i’m going to do is post-up a “Week of the big race” schedule. You plug in your race day, count back, and – Voila! a schedule…



Monday –

Easy recovery spin

Tuesday –

Short easy ride or run (if you’re in the habit) maybe even a day off. Make sure you’re totally recovered from whatever you did 2 days ago…

Wednesday –

Slow Roast, or 3 (or 2…) x10 (basically 1/2 a Classic 2×20) or 1-2 Hour Moderate Ride or…

Lots of options today. Key here is to stick with your usual routine, kinda. Most people go pretty hard Wednesday of race week, so you need to that, but just a wee little bit less hard.


Short, hard sprints of some sort.

Friday –

Day off, Easy spin or Course Preview

Largely dependent on when you’re getting to Nats. Ideally, you get there at least two days before the event, and you have the chance to preview. If you are in the habit of going easy two days before races, don’t change that now!

Saturday –

Can Openers and / or Course Preview

Don’t overdo it. Ideally you previewed the course yesterday so you can focus on openers rather than course preview. If you have to preview today, try not to overdo it.  Far too many folks throw their race day away at Nationals by riding a bunch the day before, or spending all day freezing their ass off spectating. Do just enough to get open!

Sunday –



The descriptions/explanations for workouts to fill all these slots can be found by entering the name/description of the workout in the search box over to the rightof the page. If you’ve been following for a while, there isn’t anything here you haven’t seen before, which is kinda the point.

Don’t do anything new on race week!

You gotta’ run what ya’ brung at the big dance…



Have fun,


~ by crosssports on December 7, 2018.

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