The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Friday, 12.30.16. “Time”



Howdy folks,

Hey, have I mentioned there’s a ton of stuff up on the for sale page, including a garage’s worth from ZMD?

Christmas is finally over, treat yo self!

So, it’s Friday.

More than just Friday, it’s the Friday of the week before Nationals.

That means we’re inside the one week to go time frame for just about everyone.




At this point, the workouts you do from here on out pretty much have to be synchronized to your schedule at Nationals.


Count backwards from race day, and plug in the workouts.

Workouts like…

One Week Before Race –

Warmup Race, Race simulation outdoors, or The Doppelganger.

6 days before race:

Recovery spin

5 days before race:

Slow Roast, or 1/2 a Classic 2×20, or Downhill Sprints if you still need/want the speed focus

4 days before race:

Skill work. Absolutely nothing new, focus on refinement and perfecting the basics.

3 Days before race:

 Form Sprints or  Ignition 

2 Days before race:

 Course Preview, easy spin, or take the day off.

Day before Race:

Can Openers  or Ignition and  Course Preview

Day of Race:

Race. Yer. Ass. Off.

There ‘ya go. Enjoy!


~ by crosssports on December 30, 2016.

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