The Cyclocross Workout of The Day for Friday, 10.3.14. “Headed For a Heartbreak”

Howdy folks,

Well, somehow it’s Friday already. How the heck did that happen so fast?

If you’ve been playing along with us the last couple of weeks, you know that we’ve been doing a little bit of experimentation, trying to figure out what, exactly, we need to do on Fridays to get us set up for success in the race on Sunday.

New to all of this?

Faulty mid-term memory? 😉

No problem, check out this post, and this one here.

Now this is going to sound like a little bit of a cop-out – “Whoah, dude… you just didn’t want to write a new post today, you lazy sonufabitch” – but for today’s workout?

You’re going to do one of those two that I just linked to above.

That’ll actually give you more than two options; there are workouts in there for if you’re doubling up this weekend, or just racing on Saturday, to go along with the options for people just doing the typical Sunday race.

Which option should you pick?

Well, if you followed the workouts the last couple of weeks, and you did as requested – taking notes on how the races went the subsequent weekend – you should have some pretty good insight into which option seems to work better for you.

So, do that one.

This week.

Next week, you’ll switch again.

Keep track of what happens.

After a couple/few iterations of this, you should be able to get a handle on what you, personally, need to do.

If you didn’t start this process along with the rest of us a couple of weeks ago, you start today.

Go back up the page, and click those links if you haven’t already.


OK, got all that?

Remember, the goal here is to collect data, and subjective impressions on how today’s workout effects your racing on Sunday.

Write down what you did today, how hard you did it, and how it felt.

Ditto tomorrow.

After Sunday’s race, jot down some notes on how that went.

After you do this for a while, patterns will start to emerge, and you can begin to make informed decisions about what you need to do to best prepare for a race, rather than just winging it…

…’cause if you’re winging it, you just might be headed for a heartbr…


That’s so bad, I can’t force myself to finish the pun.



~ by crosssports on October 3, 2014.

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