The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 8.21.13. “Simple, this one is…”

Howdy folks,

Wait, what?

What’s that you say?

It’s Wednesday?


How the heck did that week go by so fast?

Wow. Didn’t we just do Wednesday?

Huh. Guess not.

So, it’s Wednesday.

Skills Day! Yay!

Let’s have at it.

First of all, check out last Wednesday’s Post.

If you weren’t playing along with us last week, that’s the plan for you tonight.

You’re in catch up mode.


If you did do last weeks workout – including the written homework – today we’re going to use some of the actionable intelligence you gathered when you did so.

Specifically this:

Pick one skill from each list you made –

List #1:

What Cyclocross Skills am I really good at?

List #2:

What Cyclocross Skills am I kinda good at?

List #3:

What Cyclocross skills am i merely OK at?

List #4:

What Cyclocross skills do I kinda suck at?

List #5:

What Cyclocross Skills do I really suck at?

(just in case you forgot…)

That’s what you’re working on today.

5 skills, and five skills only.

From one of the things you’re worst at, to one of the things you’re best at.

Start with the skill from List #5, and work your way through to List #1

(We want this to end on a high note, eh?)

Make that skill you stink at tolerable.

Make that skill you’re tolerable at pretty darn good.

Buff that skill you’re great at so shiny that you just know you’re going to drop everyone in the group when you whip it out in a race.

Simple in principle, but difficult in execution, this one is.

Have fun!



PS – Looking for some hints & tips to hep buffing those skills? Start here…

PPS – Clinic! This Saturday! Redmond! Details here!

~ by crosssports on August 21, 2013.

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