The Workout Of The day for Thursday, 11… no, wait, 12.1.11. (Geezus… it’s December already?)

Howdy folks,

Yay! Thursday! You’re more than halfway through the week!

Remember, if you aren’t racing anymore this season, you’re off the bike this week.


Walk away.

Hang the damn thing up.

If you’ve still got some racing ahead of you, though, today you’re doing..

Form Sprints –

Warm up well.

Find a long, flat section of road with little to no traffic.

Get a rolling start; you aren’t going fast, just gently spinning.

Stand up and sprint.

You’re going to sprint hard, but in a slightly smaller than comfortable gear.

Go until you are spun out, then…

sit down.

Accelerate again, seated, spinning the same gear selection even faster.

Go until you are totally spun out.

Sit up, and roll back down to a conversational pace.

That’s one rep.

You’re doing sets of 5.

3 sets is probably enough for most all ya’all.

2-5 minutes rest between sets.

These are called Form Sprints for a reason. You’re doing them in a smaller gear than you would normally sprint in, and you are concentrating on your form.

Pay attention to all the little things your body does in a sprint, and work to maximize your efficiency and control.

Keep it smooth. Think fast, fluid, and supple throughout the pedal stroke.


Have fun,



~ by crosssports on November 30, 2011.

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