The Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 11.23.11. “Hone”

Howdy folks,

Well, it’s Wednesday, and for some of you this is the last Wednesday Cyclocross Skills Workout of the season.

Congratulations! You made it. I hope you had fun, and got something useful out of all my rambling lo these many Wednesdays.

If you recall, last week we worked on fine-tuning one or two things that you were really good at.

The idea was to hone some of your best skills into a weapon, so that you could use them when most needed, to make the race or at least make a difference in the race.

This week, we’re kinda/sorta doing the opposite.

I want you to pick one or two things that are your very weakest links and drill thecrap out of them tonight.

Whatever it is that gives you the most trouble, work on it.

Don’t make this an onerous task, have fun with it.

Laugh at yourself a bit.

Push your comfort envelope, especially if you are working on your handling skills (and lets face it – this is a weak spot for almost everyone.)

So, if you’re lacking a bit in the handling skills department? Go out and shred some turns.

Push it.

Go harder and faster, to the point where you’re hitting the deck.

Get back up, do it again.

Have a weak start?


Do a bunch of ‘em. Get yourself a bit faster off the line.

Not the greatest endurance rider in your field?

Do extended efforts on semi-technical terrain. Try to hang on just a little bit longer to the meat grinder pushing the pace at the front of the field.

Making sense?

Whatever you’re not so good at, tonight you’re going to work on it.

You can make it better.



Not quite at the stage in the Cyclocross game where you’re really concerned about all this honing and buffing business? More interested in simply going out and getting better at the basics? Looking for a little bit more structure tonight?


Gotcha covered.

Check out –


…and –


Have fun,



~ by crosssports on November 22, 2011.

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