The Workout Of The Day for Saturday, 8.13.11, “Fleetwood Max.”

Howdy Folks,

Yesterday I threw a bunch of options at you, and, well… today is going to be pretty similar. What you do for a workout today pretty much depends on your plans for the rest of the weekend.

So, without further ado, The Workout Of The Day for today is

Go Your Own Way

Are you racing tomorrow (Sunday)? If you are, today you’re doing…

Can Openers

– Warm up for 1/2 hour or so.

– Follow with several short attacking efforts, IE 30 seconds at 80% of your max, or pretty damn hard.

– Back off and spin for 5 minutes.

– Follow with 10-15 minute effort at AT level, or CP30, or “I could talk to you if I had to, but I don’t want to” level.

– Spin for several minutes.

– Follow with 5-6 full gas sprint efforts on a straight section of paved road, level or slightly uphill.

Do half of these from a near standstill, and for 1/2 of them, get going at a pretty good clip before you start the sprint.

… spin out the legs, go home, and get ready for the race.

Not racing tomorrow? Have some free time on your hands? Sweet! Have some fun today, and go for a…

Long Road or Mountain Bike Ride –

Look, I know I always say you don’t ever need to ride more than about two hours at a stretch to get ready for Cyclocross, but note the emphasis on the word need.

Sometimes it’s just great to get out and get some miles in, and live on your bike for a day.

Damnit, it’s the summer, and if the weather in your area is anything like it is here, you owe it to yourself to get out and spend the better part of the day on your bike. It doesn’t matter if its on the road, on your cross bike, or hittin’ the trails on your mountain bike, get out there and ride a bucket full of miles, and have some fun while the fun is easy to get.

If you can’t do it today, do it tomorrow.

If you have free time both days, get another long, fun ride in tomorrow, and tell yourself you’re doing it in loving trust for some poor schmuck who is stuck behind a desk on this glorious weekend.

If you need something a little bit more concrete, plan-wise, how about this; Ride 3, 4, or 5 plus hours. Push the pace when you can, try to extend your comfort zone both fitness-wise and skill-wise.

Have more fun than you can stand, and get mentally psyched for the hard work you will be putting in the rest of the summer, work that will make these fun days even more fun…



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