The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 12.7.17. “S.O.U.E.”

Howdy folks,

Happy Thursday!

More speed work today… well, sprint work. Kinda the same thing, but not exactly.


The S.O.U.E.

(Sprints Of Unusual Effort)

They look a little bit like this…

Warm up for 20 minutes easy, with a couple of slightly less easy efforts thrown in. Get your legs moving well before you move on to the serious work.


Repeat 5 times…

Work Phase: 10 seconds at 100% effort

Full-gas, all out sprint.

Rolling start to these. Not from a dead stop, but not from 20 mph either.

Give this a real, honest to god 100% effort. We’re talking “If I lose, I die” kinda sprint effort.

Let’s be blunt; most of you have never actually 100% sold out for a 10 second sprint effort, even if you think you have.

You can go harder than whatever it is you think your limit is. Do that.

Recovery Phase: 12 minutes easy spinning

12 minutes recovery? From a measly 10 second effort?!?

Yes. If you do these right, you’re going to need it. Did I mention that you’re sprinting as if your life literally depended on it?

So, 5 ten second sprints at an actual, honest to god, one hundred percent effort. Twelve minutes between them, spinning easy.

If you finish these feeling like you didn’t need every second of these 12 minute recovery periods to re-set for the next sprint effort, you’re either a complete beast, or you aren’t pushing the sprint effort hard enough.

I know which of those my money is on.





Thanks for following along.

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I’d like to thank everyone who has chipped in this season – and the past couple of seasons – when I’ve asked you to. It’s made a difference.

How much of a difference?

Well, let’s put it this way; the small donations from you folks have kept the lights on on this page.

There’s a certain (small) amount of money that has to come out of my pocket to pay for this page, and there’s a certain (larger) amount of money that, as a largely self-employed person, I need to write off based on the time spent on writing, posting, and – yes – giving training advice away that other people charge for.

This all adds up, and if the numbers don’t make sense, the edifice collapses.

So, once again, thanks to those who have contributed.

It is deeply appreciated.

Want to get yourself a dose of that appreciation?

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Thanks for the consideration!


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