The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 11.9.17. “Kinda this, kinda that”

Howdy folks,
Happy Thursday!
Short and sweet is the theme today. Well, kinda’ short. Kinda’ sweet.
Hill Repeats that roadies would call short, but they ain’t on a cross bike!
Warm up well, ideally as you ride out to an area that has a climb that’s going to take you about a minute to summit, pedaling hard.
When you get to the hill, sprint up the damn thing. Hard.
Coast back down, turn around, go up it again. Hard.
Repeat x 5
That’s a set.
Recover for 5 minutes.
Do 5-6 sets, or as many as you can before seeing a precipitous drop in output level.
Warm down on way home.

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