The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 10.1.17. “Get Smart”

Howdy folks,

Hey… it’s Sunday, and this is going up pretty darn late. For a Sunday.

Odds are you’re already out there racing, or getting ready to race.

If you aren’t, then, well… odds are you aren’t racing today.

If not, what should you be doing?

One of two things.

One – recovering.

Two – Riding hard. Probably long.

Honestly, that’s pretty much it.

If you aren’t racing on a weekend, you should use that weekend to either recover, or get some long, hard training miles in.

The biggest mistake people make on in-season weekends when they don’t have a race on the calendar is to not do one of these two things.

If you’re fatigued, don’t push it and get in some lackluster training. Take the day off.

If you’re feeling sharp, don’t go out there and waste time. Get some serious work in. Ideally the kind of work that you can’t get in during the week, or on race weekends.

Real endurance work. Three, four, five, hard, steady hours on the bike. The kind of riding that you (hopefully!) got in in the pre-season.

That, or you get some rest.

Honestly, most people probably wind up needing the rest more than anything.

Be smart.

Or, well… Get Smart…





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