The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Friday, 8.4.17. “Smokers”

Howdy folks,

If you happened to read yesterday’s post, you know that I cheated and more or less just linked through to the previous Thursday’s post.

Gotta’ admit, my inclination is to do the same thing today, and just link through to last Friday’s post as well.

Hell… it’s worth reading. Check it out here.

In general, the theme of that post holds true just about every Friday; what you do today is dependent on what you’re going to do over the weekend.

If you live up in the Seattle area, like I do, this weekend is going to be… interesting.

Not only are there fighter planes buzzing around, a s**t ton of road closures, and record high temperatures, there’s also a smoke haze filling the sky that makes riding outside feel just a bit like doing laps of a Grateful Dead concert, circa 1970, with a Webber grill strapped onto your back.

Not great.

Personally speaking, my lungs can’t handle it. After a bunch of deliberation, I forced myself to ride inside yesterday, and I still woke up today feeling like the wrong side of an ashtray.

Now, granted; I’ve got a pretty bad case of exercise induced asthma like symptoms, and smoke is one of my triggers. I have no business trying to ride even halfway hard in this kind of stuff.

But it ain’t good for anyone to push it when air quality is bad.

So, live in this area? Be careful this weekend. Don’t overdo it. Just not worth it.

Rather than those long outside rides that you’d like to be doing, maybe cut it short and do something inside with a fan blowing on you, or -even better – in an air conditioned room. If you’ve got one of those, I’m officially jealous.

Still thinking about riding outside this weekend?

Do the following workout. If your lungs are bugging you when you’re done, or when you wake up in the AM, you’ll know better.


Ignition (full) – 






You’re going to do a series of short, hard sprints midway through a 1 – 1 1/2 hour ride.

You’re also going to do 10-minute effort at right about your 2×20 output level before you start the sprint sets.

Warm up, 10 minute effort, 5 minutes spinning, sprint efforts, spin down, go home.

Before you head out the door, give some thought to where you can do that effectively.

A flat, straight, low-traffic section of road is what you’re looking for.

It would be great if it’s about a :45 minute ride away; that would make things nice and simple.

Hop on your bike and roll out the door.

Ride steady, at a moderate pace for 1/2 hour – 45 minutes, eventually winding up at the aforementioned stretch of road.

Ten minutes hard, then recover for 5 minutes.

You’re now going to do a series of – guess what? – Hard out of the saddle sprints.

How hard?

Well, hard to say. You’ll start to get the hang of it pretty quickly, but figure that you’re shooting for an output level that will allow you to crank out all the sprints in the set at about the same level, but not easily.

You aren’t sprinting to failure here, and you aren’t doing a max power test.

Don’t overdo it, you’re trying to open your legs, not destroy them.

Make sense?

10 sprints, 10 seconds each.

1 minute between each sprint.

After the last sprint, roll back home spinning easily to recover.

Budget at least 15 – 20 minutes for the spin/ride back home.

when you get home, put your feet up and relax.

Enjoy! Hope your lungs do better than mine!



~ by crosssports on August 4, 2017.

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