The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Monday, 7.24.17. “A Whole bunch more…”

Howdy folks,

One week in the books, a whole bunch more to go!

whole  bunch more to go.

I emphasize this because it’s important to remember that this cross season is a marathon, not a sprint, and if you blast out of the gates with a full-tilt effort, you aren’t likely to have anything left at the end. Heck, in the middle.

In other words, don’t risk throwing your whole season away by killing yourself in July.

Yes, we’re doing some hard efforts right now.

But when we do so, we need to take the time to properly recover from them, giving our bodies the time to actually recover and improve.

That’s what we’re doing today.

We’re going for a…


Recovery Spin – 



– Get on your bike. Roll out into the street – or into your living room if you’re on the turbo watching the vid – and just spin around for an hour. Or more. Or less. Whatever it takes.

– Really small gear, no hard efforts – heck, no medium effort.

– Spin. You’re looking to move your legs around in circles, almost like there is no chain on the bike.

– The idea is to get your body moving, flush the systems out, and speed your recovery.

– Just get out on the road and spin easily and aimlessly. At a certain point, your legs will start to loosen up.

– When that happens, turn around and go home.

–  If you’re doing these on the trainer, same deal. Just spin. No hard efforts, just make the legs go around in circles in a small gear.

– Follow up with as much relaxation as you can. Eat, stretch, and put your legs up. Get a massage if possible.




~ by crosssports on July 24, 2017.

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