The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 9.19.11. – “Rock. That is all.”

Howdy folks,

Bart Wellens raced Cyclocross in Washington State today, with Danny De Bie right by his side.

Seriously, how cool is this?

I’ve got to admit, I never thought I would see all-time greats of the sport like this racing in the US, right alongside the cream of the US crop.

Pretty great stuff, and if watching these guys race doesn’t get you excited about Cyclocross, nothing will.

And with that, on with today’s workout…

It’s Sunday, and yup, that means it’s time to…

Go Race!

Seriously, that’s pretty much it today. Get in car. Go to race. Warm Up. Race.

Wait… warm up?


We haven’t talked about that much this season, Have we?

I wrote a pretty long sermon on the topic of warming up a while back – and will revisit that later on in the season – but for today, here’s something you might find useful, it’s…

The RSWO -– The Rock Stupid Warmup & Opener

– Get on trainer. Spin for about 5 minutes.

– Shift into big ring/largest cog combination.

– Ride 30 seconds in this gear, then shift up one cog.

– Ride 30 seconds in this gear, then shift up one cog.

– Repeat until you hit the hardest gear you’ve got, or can handle.

– Ride 30 seconds in that gear, and then shift all the way back down to the Big/big combo.

– Ride 30 seconds in that gear, then immediately shift to hardest gear you can handle.

– Full gas sprint, out of the saddle,  for 30 seconds.

Back to big/big combo.

– Spin for two minutes.

– 5-10 minute effort at your 2×20 output level.

Repeat The entire sequence (Usually minus the 2nd 5-10 minute effort.)

This is a great way to warm up on the trainer, especially when it’s super crappy out, and/or there is just too darn much action going on around you to concentrate on anything complicated, or get out on the road for warm-ups. You simply get the old headphones on, hop on the bike, and crank through this little, easy to remember workout about an hour and a half  before your race, and you’re ready to rock…

Have fun!


(and, uhhh… yeah. Ouch. That’s a terrible video. Sorry…)


~ by crosssports on September 17, 2011.

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