The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Friday, 8.12.16. “Data disasters and Life.”

Howdy folks,

Yikes! This one is going up pretty damn late. Sorry about that. I always try to get the WOTD cranked out before noon, but sometimes life interferes.


In this particular case, I’m in the midst of a data disaster on my computer… which suddenly isn’t reading a bunch of files that I need it to read. Luckily, I’ve got everything backed up, and will eventually – fingers crossed! – be able to get this figured out, but right now? Ugh. Crap. Blech.

Remember, people… back up your data!!!!


Anyways, onwards.

Once again, the Friday dilemma; what do I tell you to do, when what you do today depends on your plans for the weekend?

Let’s go with this. First, check out last Friday’s post.

I you’re doing any race-type stuff this weekend, then you should be good to go.

Not racing this weekend?


I’m going to be suggesting that you get out there and do some long(ish) fun(ish) miles this weekend, so today would actually be a good day to take it pretty easy.

Maybe take the day off. Go out and catch some meteor shower action tonight.

If you really feel like riding, just go out and cruise around for an hour or so. Have some fun on the bike. Ride easy and enjoy the sights and sounds of a late-summer day, or go rip some turns on the local single track.

Sometimes unstructured time on the bike is an important part of “the plan.”

Or something like that.








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Coaching, FTW.

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