The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 8.4.16. “Running, man.”

Howdy folks,

Well, darnit.
I kinda’ gave today’s workout away last week when I talked about starting to integrate running – slowly, and for short distances – into your routine starting, well… then.

So, what are we doing today?

You guessed it.


Wait… no, not like that.

Just like we did last week.

Same thing, but hopefully a wee bit more of it, and a wee bit faster.

‘Cause we’re slowly building up to the point where we can run pretty quickly, for a pretty short distance. Mostly uphill.

Then the season will kick in, and we’ll pretty much stop running, except in races. Or practices. Or if we have specific requirements based on where we live, and the (unusual these days) courses there. Or if running happens to be  a problem area that needs to be addressed.


There’s quite a bit to talk about there!


Just when I thought I was running out (hah!) of topics!

Stay tuned…

In the meantime?

Go do some running.




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~ by crosssports on August 3, 2016.

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