The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 12.21.16. “Bam!”

Howdy folks,

There’s a ton of new stuff up on the for sale page, including a garage’s worth from ZMD. Check it out.


Workout today?




Five-By-One – 

warm up well, then…

You’re going to do 3-5 sets of 1 minute efforts.

Hard efforts.

How hard? Hard enough that you can barely make it through the last effort of the set. The percentage of your one minute max that you can do will vary pretty tremendously from athlete to athlete, so it’s hard to give you a set number. Suffice to say that you’re trying to get as close to that max number as you can.

I told you we’d probably see these again this week, so here you go, a second (third?) shot at em.

If you haven’t done these before?

Be conservative, at least the first set. You’re likely going to get at least one more shot at this.

2 minutes recovery between efforts, 5 -10 minutes between sets.

Go until you can’t hold the power level of the first set anymore, or until you’ve done (minimum) 3 sets.



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