The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 7.27.16. “Make It So”

Howdy folks,

It’s Wednesday!

If you’ve done this workout of the day thing with us in previous seasons, you know that Wednesday is the day when I typically talk about cyclocross specific skills, and hand out a prescription for a skills intensive session.

Today is going to follow that theme, at least in a general sense.

What’s on the docket?

We’re going to get out and ride our cyclocross bikes.

Give it a little shake out cruise.

Make sure everything is working right, that the damn thing actually fits you, and that you’re comfortable on it.

Maybe hop on and off it a couple/few times. Rip down some trails, rail some turns. Have some fun, but try to think about the bike itself, and how it’s working for and with you.

Now, before the season is underway, is the time to make any changes to rider position and/or componentry. Mid-season changes can impact your adaptation and proprioception (ask me sometime about the year I tried to switch to wider bars mid-season. One of my fingers still sticks out at a funny angle…) so if possible, it’s better to get this stuff sorted before you have a large volume of training time in on the rig.

If you haven’t even looked at your bike since last season?

Okey doke.

Pull it out of the closet. Give it a once over, make sure it’s rideable. If it’s not?


Then go ride the damn thing.





Hey folks! Go Check out…


Coaching, FTW.



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