The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Saturday, 7.23.16. “VH”

Howdy folks,

Yay! It’s Saturday!

If you’re not racing this weekend – with all the running around and driving that typically comes with racing – maybe think about pulling the CX bike out of storage and giving it a once over. Take some time and figure out what – if anything – you’re going to need to do to get it up and running. Over the next couple/few weeks, you’ll start to see some workouts that you’ll be wanting the CX rig for. Fair warning!

How about a workout for today?

How about a…

Hard Group Ride –

Get out there and kick some A** on the local roadie ride, or on the trails with your buddies.

Push the pace if and when you can, try and go hard – harder than usual – and see how you recover from some stiff efforts on a course or in a group you know pretty well.

Duration? 3 hours or so. OK to go long(er. Ish.) today, but better to go kinda long and really damn hard.

Try to ride a bit over your head.

Either ride with a group of riders that are just slightly better than you – and ride defensively – or push the tempo at the front with a group that you’re comfortable in.


Soooo yeah… I got this up relatively late today, especially if you’re not on West Coast Time like I am. If you’re just now saying to yourself “Self, how the hell am I supposed to conjure up a group ride on this late notice?!”, I hear ya. Maybe try this instead.






Hey folks! Go Check out…


Coaching, FTW.

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