The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 12.30.15. “Onward!”

Howdy folks,

Oddly enough, we’re still inside of a week to go to Nationals! We’re still going to focus on speed when we’re on the bike, and we’re still going to prioritize rest and recovery beyond all else.

Before we hit today’s workout, a couple of things…

  • If you haven’t checked out the race bible for Nats, get on that now. This thing is shaping up to be a potential logistical nightmare, and you’re going to want to know what you’re getting into before you get there. Expect 45 minute plus delays in getting to the actual race venue from where you park your car, and a necessity to catch a shuttle bus to and from the venue… that won’t be equipped to ferry bikes or gear. Leave lots and lots and lots of extra time to get to your race…


  • Given how tight logistics are going to be at the race venue, think about trying to adjust your schedule a bit so that the change in time zones isn’t a factor. If there’s a change in time zones for you, that is.


  • You are absolutely, positively, going to want to have access to a tent at Nationals. Unless you’re extremely lucky, you ain’t going to be able to bail to your car post-race to change your clothing, your car is going to be parked miles, lines, and a bus trip away. Start networking some tent space to squat now. From what I’m hearing, it’s too late to try and get a space of your own at this point, if you don’t have one already reserved you’re S.O.L. unless you can find a friendly place to hang.


  • There are going to be 30 trainers in a neutral warmup tent somewhere near the course. If you think you’re going to need one, you better sign up early.


  • Mixed signals are being sent on how possible it’s going to be to warm up without a trainer. It sounds like there’s a really good chance that there won’t be much terrain open for riding that ain’t part of the course, that you’re going to need a trainer, and that getting your trainer to the venue and set up so you can use it is going to be a significant task. Those 30 trainers mentioned above? Yeah. Sign up early.


  • Does all this sound like a giant mess to you? Yeah, me too. I’m staying home. Good luck to those who aren’t.





Today you’re doing Ramp Sprints.

Warm up well

– Find a long, straight section of flat, traffic free road.

– You’re going to do a series of sprint efforts that look like this:

1 – Start from a dead standstill, one foot on the ground. Full gas start, like a race.

2 – Once you’re up to speed, sit down. Pause for two breaths. Go again. Full gas. Short sprint, ’till you’re spun out or 5 seconds.

3 – After you max out the 2nd sprint, slow down quickly. Make a 180 degree turn. Full gas sprint back towards where you started. Go ’till you’re spun out or 5 seconds.

That’s one rep.

Do three, then 5 minute break.

Repeat until you are obviously slowing down, max wattage has dropped appreciably, or you just can’t stand it anymore.

Have fun!





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