The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 12.10.15. “Trainer Puddle”

Howdy folks,

Well, hell… this is going up really late. Sorry about that, been another one of those days.



Yeah… not that kind of “one of those days.”

I wish.

The weather gods have decided they absolutely hate Seattle, and they’ve been gifting us with absolutely horrid weather. Torrential rains, crazy winds… there was a freakin’ tornado in the area!

The end result is that it’s been impossible to get anywhere in anything resembling a reasonable time if you have to drive, and riding the bike? Ughh… hope you have a sauna at home to thaw out in post-ride if you’re biking around in this.

So how about a workout for the trainer today?


The 3×10++

Warm up, spinning on the trainer until you’re ready to lay down some watts.

When you’re warmed up, immediately embark upon one 10 minute interval, ridden like a 2×20.

Immediately upon finishing the ten minute interval, sprint hard for 10 seconds.

Recover for one minute.

Do it again.

Repeat for a total of five sprints, then immediately begin another 10 minute interval.

As soon as you finish that, another sprint set, same as before.

You’re going to do a total of 3 ten-minute intervals and 3 sprint sets. Only rest periods are the 1-minute breaks between the sprints.

Yeah, that makes this pretty damn hard.

Spin out your legs afterwards, then mop up the puddle of sweat under the trainer.




~ by crosssports on December 10, 2015.

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