The (belated) Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 9.20.15. “Am I saying this out loud?”

Howdy folks,

Sorry for getting this up so late, but I’m a sick puppy. Caught a piece of the ugliness that was going around Interbike this year, tried to race through it yesterday, feel like I got hit by a car today.

How under the weather am I?

Well, (geezus, am I writing this on a public site?!) I fell asleep sitting on the can last night.

Yup. It’s just as weird and disturbing to experience as you’re thinking it would be.

One minute you’re going about your business, the next you’re waking up sliding off the side of the throne.


SO, hey… don’t push yourselves that hard, eh?

If you happen to come down with the flu or some such crud this season, take good note of just how sick you are, and don’t push through it if it isn’t smart.

I had a fever…

…and the cowbell didn’t help.

Shoulda’ sat yesterday out, might even have been able to race today – and raced reasonably well – if I had done so.



So, about today.

At this point, most of ya’all are probably already out racing.


I envy you, darnit.

Ride hard, have fun.

Not racing today?

If you raced yesterday, don’t forget to get in a recovery spin today.

Didn’t race yesterday, either?

Looking to get some work in today?

It’s maybe a bit too late to head out and get some long miles in, so how about doing some…

Sventervals – 

Just like in the video.

Really darn short – 10 seconds max – full gas hill sprints, ideally on pretty technical terrain.

5 sets of 5 for today (you’ll build up to more) and notice how hard Sven is breathing after these?

That’s the idea.

Hit it hard. Really hard.

Have fun,



~ by crosssports on September 20, 2015.

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