The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 8.23.15. “Just Mostly”

Howdy folks,

Well, hell…

This is going up late in the morning -almost at noon, West Coast time – which is probably way too late to be useful for most folks on a Sunday.


Time to get back to my traditional late-night-the-day-before posting schedule.

I’ll get back on that starting this week, I promise!

Anyways, onward…

If you didn’t happen to do yesterday’s workout yesterday, that would be a good call for today.

If you did do yesterday’s workout, you might just find yourself feeling a bit tired today. I know I am!

Tomorrow you’re going to be doing nothing but a short recovery ride, so if you’re feeling a bit tired today, there are essentially two ways you can go:

– push through the fatigue and grind out another hard workout today, knowing you can rest tomorrow.

– back things off a bit, and take it easy today.

Which should you do?

Well, it depends.

How tired are you?

If you have a power meter, are you tracking your performance metrics and looking for signs of plateauing and excess fatigue?

Do you even know what I mean by that?

If not – and if you’re curious – drop me a note in the comments section. If people are interested, this is a topic we can discuss in more depth this season.

In short, though… when you were pounding over the climbs yesterday, were you able to hit wattage levels that were consistent with your historic norms?

If the answer is “yes”, then you’re probably good to go hard again today.

Try the same workout today, and see if you’re able to perform as well as – or maybe even better than – yesterday.

Answer “No” to the question about yesterday’s workout?

Back things down a bit today.

Hop on your cyclocross bike and go for a ride that emphasizes skills over fitness.

Work on your basic cross skills, or go play on some mountain bike-ey single track.

Have fun, and get better at some of the things that aren’t all about fitness and power output.

They’re an important aspect of your CX game, and a big part of what makes this sport so damn much fun.

It ain’t all about fitness.

Just… mostly.






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