The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Saturday, 11.15.14. “Belated Ignition”


















Howdy folks,


Sorry to get this up so late today. Internet connectivity problems last night and again this morning. Blech.

We’ll keep it pretty simple today, and go with the assumption that you’re racing tomorrow.

If you’re not, you’re probably racing today.

Which means you’re probably already out at the races.

Good luck out there, wherever you are! Kick some butt, have fun, and Brrrrrrr… stay warm!

No racing today, but racing tomorrow?

We have for you a nice serving of…






You’re going to do a series of short, hard sprints midway through a 1 – 1 1/2 hour ride. Before you head out the door, give some thought to where you can do that effectively.

A flat, straight, low-traffic section of road is what you’re looking for.

It would be great if it’s about a :45 minute ride away; that would make things nice and simple.

Hop on your bike and roll out the door.

Ride steady, at a moderate pace for  1/2 hour – 45 minutes, eventually winding up at the aforementioned stretch of road.

You’re now going to do a series of Hard out of the saddle sprints.

How hard?

Well, hard to say. You’ll start to get the hang of it pretty quickly, but figure that you’re shooting for an output level that will allow you to crank out all the sprints in the set at about the same level, but not easily.

You aren’t sprinting to failure here, and you aren’t doing a max power test.

Don’t overdo it,  you’re trying to open your legs, not destroy them.

Make sense?

10 sprints, 10 seconds each.

1 minute between each sprint.

After the last sprint, roll back home spinning easily to recover.

Budget at least 15 – 20 minutes for the spin/ride back home.

when you get home, put your feet up and relax.

Hey… one final thing.

If you’re racing tomorrow?

Do yourself a favor and don’t overdo it today.

I keep reading social media posts from people who are all kinds of stoked about the clear (but cold!!) conditions we’re having in much of the country, and who are “taking advantage” of this by cramming in a team ride or some long road/Mtb miles today.

This is fine and dandy, and for sure some good fun… but don’t kid yourself into thinking a 4 hour road ride is the way to prepare your body for tomorrow’s cross race, ok?

Maybe if you’re planning on punching people’s tickets at Nats and you don’t care what you’ve got in the tank tomorrow it makes sense, but other than that?

Have fun with it, but do it knowing full well you’ll be paying for it tomorrow.

Make sense?







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This thing started off as a lark, and over the years that I’ve been doing it, has become a little bit of a monster.

It takes a fair bit of time – and a wee bit of money – to keep this thing rolling, and as you may have noticed, I’ve recently started asking for folks to chip in a bit if they feel like what they’re getting her is worth something to them.

Honestly, it’s not like I’m trying to get rich off this here thing… or really even make any money from it at all.

It’d just make my life a fair bit easier if I didn’t lose quite as much money doing this as I currently do.

So, hey… if you feel like you’ve gotten anything of value out of this blog, please do me a favor – and yes, it’s a favor, and I will be truly thankful for it – and send a buck or two (or five, or whatever…) my way.

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