The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 11.2.14. “When in doubt…”

Howdy folks,

Well, It’s Sunday, and that means it’s Race Day for just about everyone.

Have some fun out there today, and kick some proverbial ass.

Key word for today is “Aggressive.”

Be Aggressive.

Don’t sit back and let other people dictate the pace of the race, you bring the race to them.

It doesn’t matter where in the pack you are, what category you’re racing, or even where you’re finishing in the field.

Make things happen out there today.

Ride like you have a right to be there, and like you’re the one deciding your fate on the course… ’cause you are.

Who knows, you might surprise yourself with how well you can ride when you get out of your own way.

Want to see this in action?

Check out the performance of Wout Van Aert in yesterday’s Koppenberg Cross…


20 freaking years old, racing in one of the monuments of the sport, and does he sit back and let the race come to him?

Hell no!

Aggressive from the start, he’s never shy of pushing the pace, and at crunch time, after he’s been the only rider not found wanting when De Kannibaal Van Baal hits them with one of his patented last-lap attacks, what does he do?

He goes on the offensive, and attacks the best bike handler on the circuit on the downhill.

Balls of steel, that kid.

So, ok… downhill attack doesn’t work, and then we get into the whole messy “whoops, did I accidentally set a pick for my teammate in the sprint? Soooo sorry….” silliness, but hey; corollary to “Be Aggressive”?

When in doubt, Lead it out.

Which Van Aert did beautifully. 

So, you? Today?

Follow the kid’s example.

Good luck!




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