Happy, happy! It’s The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for the very first day of the New Year!

Howdy folks,

Happy New Year!

Immense thanks, gratitude, and good will go out to all ya’all for visiting this year.

All (almost!) 30,ooo of you. From over 85 countries.



Thanks for stopping by!

Up here in Seattle, we have a tradition of a New Year’s Day hangover ride that’s been going on for pretty much as long as I’ve been riding a bike.

It’s a chance to get in a nice, casual ride with friends – many of whom you haven’t seen in ages – and welcome the Ne Year in the best possible way.

On the bike.

So, hey… the very first Workout Of The Day for 2014?

Go ride with your friends.

Celebrate your good fortune and theirs, and enjoy the day.





(Come back late tomorrow… we’ll be talking about the last week of training up for Nationals…)

~ by crosssports on December 31, 2013.

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