The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Monday, 12.23.13. “Nam-earned it (yeah, yeah, I know, ugh.)”


Howdy folks,

Were you doing something like this…

…this weekend?

Maybe just training hard?

Either way, you’re due for an easy one today.

Go for a nice, easy…

Recovery Spin – 

– Get on your bike. Roll out into the street, and just spin around for an hour.

– Really small gear, no hard efforts – heck, no medium effort.

– Spin. You’re looking to move your legs around in circles, almost like there is no chain on the bike.

– The idea is to get your body moving, flush the systems out, and speed your recovery.

– Just get out on the road and spin aimlessly. At a certain point, your legs suddenly feel better.

– As soon as that happens, turn around, go home, eat, stretch, and put your legs up.

Enjoy! You earned it!




~ by crosssports on December 23, 2013.

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