The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Saturday, 11.23.13. “Rocking out”

Howdy folks,



Race day! (for many of us…)

If you’re racing today, good luck! Keep it rubber side down, and have a blast.

If you’re not racing?

Maybe you’re racing tomorrow.

Either way, I’ve got a trainer-based workout for you today that functions equally well as a race-day warmup, or a day-before-race opener.


The R.S.W.O. – 

(The Rock-Stupid Warmup & Opener)


…but first, a race vid for you to pretend to watch while you suffer on the trainer…


Ready to go?


– Get on trainer. Spin for about 5 minutes.

– Shift into big ring/largest cog combination.

– Ride 30 seconds in this gear, then shift up one cog.

– Ride 30 seconds in this gear, then shift up one cog.

– Repeat until you hit the hardest gear you’ve got, or can handle.

– Ride 30 seconds in that gear, and then shift all the way back down to the Big/big combo.

– Ride 30 seconds in that gear, then immediately shift to hardest gear you can handle.

– Full gas sprint, out of the saddle, for 30 seconds.

Back to big/big combo.

– Spin for two minutes.

– 5-10 minute effort at your 2×20 output level (5 minutes or less as a warm up, 10 minutes as an opener.)

Repeat the entire sequence (Usually minus the 2nd 5-10 minute effort, especially if a warmup.)

Have fun!


~ by crosssports on November 23, 2013.

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