The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 10.12.13. “The Searchers”

Howdy folks,

I’ve had some people asking about archived workouts, and how to make their way through the what is – at this point – a rather imposing (how did that happen?) collection of ramblings.

Over on the right side of this page…

Just below the Facebook box is a little search box.

You can find any of the posts that have gone up on here over the years by entering some targeted search terms.

I haven’t been great about tagging posts to make it easy to look ‘em up.


Frankly, I didn’t think this would go on as long as it has.


Never fear, though! there’s an easy shortcut to make it easier to find general types or categories of workouts:

Search by day of the week.

Generally speaking, the type of workouts posted on, say, Tuesday all fall into the same narrow-ish category, IE 2×20′s, or some variation on the theme.

Looking for skills work? Search through the Wednesday posts.

If you read through a week or two’s worth of posts, the pattern should become pretty clear.

Make sense?


So, hey… how about today?

Well, today, most of  you are – yup – racing, so Go Race!

Lot’s of info on race-day particulars if you search through Saturday or Sunday posts. See how that works?

It’s easy!

Not racing today?

Well, have at it.  The search function I just described?

Plug Sunday in, and see what pops up.


Have fun!



~ by crosssports on October 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 10.12.13. “The Searchers””

  1. Hello Matt,

    I enjoy your blog. This is my second full year racing cross and I just upgraded to CAT 3, which for me was pretty cool. This week I had my first bad race. I have had things come up before, mechanicals, crashes, legs not firing etc. but today things kinda all came together I was falling, making dumb mistakes, compounding said mistakes, hr was absurdly high etc. I pulled the plug after ripping out my shorts on a fall into a stake (ouch) so… What do you do focus on after a bad Sunday at the office?


    • Congrats on the upgrade, and thanks for the note & the great question!
      I too had a pretty miserable race this past weekend, so super timely. You got it, will do a post on the topic in the next day or so…


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