The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for 8.18.13. “Z.D.I.A.K.”

Howdy folks,

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend… well, what little is left of it…

To be perfectly honest, Yesterday’s post pretty much works for today as well… so why not check it out?

If you’re looking for some variety, and some ass-kicking, though?

chuck-norris-asskNever fear. Got you covered.

Have a go at…
The Z.D.I. – 

Warm up really well.

Find a fairly steep hill that you can do a 30 second hard effort on. Best bet is a climb that’s right on the big ring/small ring break point. You could do it in either one, depending…

Roll into the climb fast, and Sprint up it, 30 seconds hard effort.

Coast back down, turn around and go again immediately.

Repeat for a total of ten reps.

Yup. Ten.


Recover for 5-10 minutes, then go again. You’re trying to do 3-5 sets of ten.

Yes, this is really damn hard.

Don’t even try these if you’re feeling gassed.

Page on back to yesterday and check out those options, eh?

Have fun!



~ by crosssports on August 18, 2013.

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