The Workout Of The Day for Tuesday, 12.17.12. “Bang. Steady.”

Howdy folks,
First of all, apologies.
WordPress is f-ing with the formatting of everything that I do today, and I can’t get this post up in any form where the text  isn’t all squashed togethers on the homepage.
Please click through and read this post as a discrete page so that you have a tolerable reading experience!
– onwards –
Well, it’s Tuesday, and we’re workin’ hard to get ready for the big races coming up in the new year.
Unless you’re new here, I’m guessing that you might just have a pretty good idea what that means for today.
You guessed it.
Buckle up, today you’re flogging yourself senseless with a series of mixed metaphors!
No… wait, that’s not it.
I meant that you’re doing…
The Classic 2×20 –

 – Warm up.

– Go as hard as you can for 20 minutes.

– Recover for 2 minutes.

– Go again for another 20 minutes.

The idea here is to go as hard as you can for the duration of both intervals without being forced to go easier at the end of the second interval.

If you run out of gas before you finish the second interval, you went too hard.

If your vision isn’t blurry at the end of the second interval, you went too easy.

If you’re doing this with a powermeter, you want your wattage output to be as close to constant as possible. We’re talking 10 watt variance at the most.

Ditto Heart rate monitor.

Keep it steady.

Don’t have either one?

This workout is great on the trainer, and that’s how I usually do ‘em… in fact, I think this workout is probably best when you do it on the trainer, especially if you don’t have a power meter.

On a trainer, you pick a gear & a cadence, and if you can keep both constant for the duration?



…cut-rate ergometer.

I try to roll these in a slightly harder gear than I would normally ride, big enough that I have to consciously work hard to keep the cadence (and hence, power) from dropping.

Keep it steady.

These take practice to do well, and the better you get, the harder they get.

So, hey… keep it steady, OK?



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