The Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 10.28.12. “Wee bit crispy”

Howdy folks,

Sunday! Day two of the double-header race weekend for many folks.

If that’s you?

Go Race.

Have fun, kick some…

Not racing today?

Well, ok… I’m not either.

I’m skipping the local race today because…

– I’m getting up super early to watch the World Cup in Plzen…

– I’m recovering from a pretty serious hand injury, and two days of ‘cross racing probably wouldn’t be smart right now.

If you’re not racing today, you might want to give what I’m doing a whirl, it’s the…

3×20 – 

Pretty simple, just like a Classic 2×20, but one more interval!


Don’t do this if you’re tired, burned out, unmotivated, or skipping a race because you don’t feel up to it.

This workout is (or should be!) every bit as hard as your average race, so be smart.

If you’re feeling a wee bit crispy…


…take the darn day off.

You deserve it.

Have fun, and g’night,




~ by crosssports on October 27, 2012.

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