The Workout Of The Day for Friday, 11.4.11. – “Sweet.”

Howdy folks,

It’s Friday. Sweet :)

If you did yesterday’s workout – after all of my dire warnings – I’m pretty sure you’re well and truly gassed today.

Even if you didn’t, you probably need to take it a little bit easy today.

So, do that.

Your mission today – should you choose to accept it – is a nice, relaxing…

1-2 Hour Moderate Road Ride –

This isn’t a recovery ride, you’re going to go just a bit harder than that.

Put a little bit of mustard into the pedals, but not so much that you ever feel like you’re going hard.

Moderate means just that. Not hard, not easy… right in the middle. Easy enough that you could hold a conversation with the guy on the bike next to you, but hard enough that you may not really want to.

Have some fun. You’re not going easy enough to smell the flowers, but you should be able to sneak a peak at them as you whiz by…

That’s assuming you’re racing on Sunday.

If you’re racing on Saturday?

Can Openers for you today!

Have fun!


~ by crosssports on November 3, 2011.

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