The Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 9.13.11 – “Listless redux.”

Howdy folks,

All recovered from the first race of the season?

Well, if you raced this past weekend, that is.

If you didn’t, You might feel left out for the next couple/ few paragraphs…

OK, so you raced.

What worked really well, skill-wise?

What worked kinda well?

What did you kinda stink at?

What did you totally suck at?

Take a few minutes to think about this…










Now, write those thoughts down.

You’re going to save that list, and for the next couple/few races, you’re going to add to it, modify it, whatever.

Here’s an example:

Good –

Basic Cowboy dismount.

– Nailed it, perfect every time!

OK –

Shouldering the bike

– Went OK, not as smooth as I need it to be.

Acceptable –

Basic remount

– bobbled a couple of times, but no real stutter step (yay!)

– Still not as fast as other folks in the race.

Bad –


– Needs work, I’m losing ground on the fast guys in the first part of the race.

Totally sucked –

form over barriers

– Clipped a barrier and landed on my ass. ‘Nuff said…

See how that works?


Go back and modify your list if you need to.

Now, for the Workout Of The Day.

Tonight is Cyclocross Skills Practice.

Warm up well.

Stretch, loosen up, get your game face on.

Look at your list.

Start going down the list, from worst to best.

You’re going to practice everything on that list.

Spend the most time on the things you are the worst at, and next to no time on the stuff you’ve got wired.

Stay at it long enough to make some progress, but not so long you get totally frustrated.

You should have your work cut out for you!

It will look something like this:

Warm up, 10-15 minutes.

Skill #1 – 15 minutes.

Skill #2 – 12 minutes

Skill #3 – 10 minutes

Skill #4 – 5-8 minutes

If you really need to work on something like Starts, don’t just blast starts out full gas for 15 minutes.

Be smart about this, folks. The more technical the skill, the more you can work on it. Something like the start is equal parts learning the skill, learning to pump the intensity, and developing your speed and strength.

Learn the skills, then work the engine.

If you stomp on the gas first thing in the night, you’ll be flat and clumsy the rest of the night.
The harder the effort, the later you schedule it in the session, make sense?

Along those lines, Finish up the night with a simulated race session.

Try to use a course that will emphasize the skills you stunk at in the race.

Try to link “bad” skills sections together, and really work on relaxing on the parts that are tough for you.

Don’t forget to have fun, and force yourself to smile the most when you’re screwing up the worst.

Spin out your legs, go home and relax.

If you didn’t race, you can do the same thing – it’s just not quite as easy.

Make the same list – as best you can – and have at it.

have fun!



~ by crosssports on September 13, 2011.

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