The Workout Of The Day for Wednesday, 11.17.10 – “Skillet”

Howdy folks,

Before I get started with the workout, I would like to thank the folks who had kind words for me out at the Woodland Park race this past weekend. It’s really hard going out to the races when you’re too banged up to ride, and it’s even harder when it’s one of your favorite courses – ever – and an event you won the previous year.

It’s nice to know that even when I can’t race, I can be part of the scene, and that the time spent writing these things and going out to the Marymoor clinics is appreciated.

Seriously, thanks.


Enough of that, on with the Workout Of The Day.

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s –

Cyclocross Skills Day –

We’re getting to the point in the season where what you’ve got – skills-wise – is what you’re going to have for the duration of the season.

If you have any big season-end goals – like Nationals, or a state championship – you should be working on refinement right now; Buffing of the rough edges, honing of the already sharp skills.

You need to put the raw goods into a pan, and boil ’em down into the really good stuff. That’s why today’s workout is –

Skillet  –

I want you to go out today, and work on something you’re already good at.

Take it from good to as close to perfect as you can.

If you’ve got killer handling skills, go out and shred some turns.

Push it.

Go harder and faster, to the point where you’re hitting the deck.

Get back up, do it again.

Have a great start?


Do a bunch of ’em. Get even faster off the line.

Strong like bull?

Do extended efforts on semi-technical terrain. Develop your ability to grind the opposition into paste even further.

Making sense?

Whatever you’re already good at, tonight you’re going to work to turn it into your weapon, that one thing that you know you can pull out of the bag at crunch time to win your race (or at least beat out that other fella for 85th place…)

Not quite at the stage in the Cyclocross game where you’re really concerned about all this honing and buffing business? More interested in simply going out and getting better at the basics? Looking for a little bit more structure tonight?


Gotcha covered.

Check out –

…and –


Have fun!



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