The Workout Of The Day for 11.12.10 – “Chill, man…”

Howdy folks,

Tired yet?

If you did yesterday’s workout you should be.

Don’t exacerbate things by going hard today. Take it easy.

Do a 2 Hour Moderate Ride today –

This isn’t a recovery ride, you’re going to go just a bit harder than that.

Put a little bit of gas into the ride, but not so much that you ever feel like you’re going hard.

Moderate means just that.

Not hard, not easy… right in the middle.

Easy enough that you could hold a conversation with the guy on the bike next to you, but hard enough that you probably wouldn’t.

Have some fun with this. This is a great ride to do on a scenic loop you don’t usually get to enjoy ’cause you’re busy hammering away.

If you’re stuck doing this on the trainer, it’s OK to cut the time down. You can do as little as an hour.

It’s starting to get cold out there, and while we’re takin’ it chill today, that’s supposed to be a metaphor. Don’t be afraid of the trainer. It’s better than riding outside and getting sick…


If you happen to be racing on Saturday, don’t do that. You should do Can Openers –

Have fun!




~ by crosssports on November 11, 2010.

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