The Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 10.31.10 “have fun.Damnit.”

Howdy folks!
Happy Halloween…

The workout today should be pretty obvious to everyone, eh?

Go Race!

Simple enough, right?

Get out there and have some fun.

Warm up right, kick some @**. Write everything down in your journal when you’re done.

That was simple.

How about tackling something not-so-simple?

I got the following from Tony, @Osteoid on Twitter

@Crosssports going on vacation for 10 days to HI. No bikes. I can run etc. Dunno if there’s a gym there. Day after I return is race.


My first thought was “Damn… nice problem to have!”

Seriously, though; as a trainer, this is a situation I wind up having to think about quite a bit .

A scary-large percentage of the training clients I have had over the years have had schedules that looked – more or less – like brief periods of intense riding sandwiched in between weeks of hotel gym & skyscraper stairwell craziness.

So, how do you deal with something like this?

Before you even leave town, if you know you’re going to be away from the bike for a week or two?

Try and work it into your training schedule.

Make it a good thing.

If you can, set things up so that you’re doing an overload week just before you leave town… you’re so blown that you need a week off to recover.

Make it a recovery week and a vacation.

Careful, though; don’t get on the plane to paradise so ragged that you catch something in the airborne petri dish, and wind up spending more time surveying porcelain than exotic terrain. There’s a fine line here, so be mindful of it…

If that isn’t going to work, or you’re going for a couple of weeks –  like Tony is – things get a little bit tougher.

First of all, don’t be afraid to just enjoy your vacation.

You aren’t getting paid to race, so the only one that’s stressing about the missing training time is you. If you were a pro, you wouldn’t going on vacation this time of year at all. So, hey… be psyched. You get to vacation and race.

So, that’s when you’re vacationing. Going on a work trip?

Yeah, OK.


Been there, believe me.

Just repeat after me… “this is paying the bills. if the bills don’t get paid, i don’t get to race…”

Then, suck it up, keep a PMA, and make the best of it 🙂

So, that covers the mental side of things, right? Just don’t sweat it. Things are gonna be fine.

Here’s how you cover the physical side of it… (I’m assuming you can’t bring a bike with you…)

– Hotel gyms…

– have gotten a hell of a lot better. Check ’em out.

Many of  them actually have decent exercise bikes. If you have SPD shoes, bring ’em with you.

– You can do a Classic 2×20 in the AM while the family gets breakfast, or before your first meeting. Heck, if you’re like me you’re probably doing these on the trainer at home, so no big change to do ’em on the hotel’s torture device, right?

If you can sneak in a 2×20 twice a week while you’re on vacation, you’re golden. Seriously.

– No bike in the gym?

Use whatever they’ve got. Versa-Climber, Airdyne, rowing machine… doesn’t matter. Do something. Get in the gym for an hour every other day for the duration of the trip, and get yourself an intense workout. Good Stuff.

Catch up on your core work –

– This might just be a great opportunity to do all those plank and posterior core exercises you’ve been lying to yourself about doing all season.

20 minutes every other morning, on the day you don’t go to the fitness center. Get on it, and you might even gain some core strength on your vacation…

Activate your vacation activities –

– Oddly enough, I went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago for work. I got some pretty amazing exercise in while doing a couple of super-touristy things…

Yeah, I snorkeled with the Sea Turtles (It was way cool.)

Mask? Check.

Snorkel? Check.

Swim fins? Nope.

Super simple. Forgo the fins, and the (Totally rad…) tourist-special activity becomes a pretty fantastic workout.

Try to think about other ways you can get some training points organically…

– Walk more.

No elevators, no driving 1/2 block to get to the restaurant.

Hey, it’s OK to be the weirdo in the party. Meet everyone at the restaurant or hop out of the car and run the last mile or two back to the hotel.

– Go kayaking, Canoeing, whatever.

Talk the fam-ly into the group kayak adventure, rather than the big bass boat trip. More fun, and – hey!- a workout 🙂

Etc., Etc. Look for good-old fashioned vacation activities that will also work you out. There are tons of ’em. Hike up a volcano, go boogie boarding, whatever. Be creative, just figure out a way to steer everybody towards the more physically taxing adventure. Really, they’ll thank you for it.



Lot’s of food for thought, right?

Above all, have fun.


Don’t make it a chore to get your workout in, make it part of the vacation.

Ideally, here’s what I like to suggest folks do…

Day 1 –

Nothing special. Relax, recover from travel.

Day 2 – (before or instead of breakfast. Grab a bagel on your way down…)

1/2 – 1 hour in gym. Figure out what apparatus is there, if you can get in a spin on an exercise bike.

Day 3 –

1 hour in gym, 2×20 on exercise bike or equivalent on elliptical/airdyne/whatever.

Day 4 –

Core work in gym, and run stairs (see stairs workouts in previous posts…) Sub in a scenic run on the beach or whatever (I did a few miles on the roads through the lava fields when I was in Kona…) Get in an hour if you can.

Day 5 –

Back to the gym bike/elliptical/whatever.

Day 6 –

Core work today in the AM.

Day 7 –

If you’re in Hawaii, swim your A** off.

Repeat cycle for duration of trip, and supplement with whatever “organic” workouts you can.


have fun!













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