The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 11.26.17. “CX Training”

Howdy folks,

Well, it’s almost noon on Sunday, so odds are you’ve already done (or are doing) whatever it is you decided to do today.

For many of you, that was (is!) probably racing.

There’s precious little of that racing stuff left on the calendar in most of the country. In fact, almost half of my personal training clients have already pulled the plug on their season, and are starting to prep for next year.

So, lets chat a bit about end of season type stuff today.

First of all, if you’re still racing, no sweat. We’ll continue workouts on here through Nationals, as long as people are still showing up. I’ve got kind of a minimum page view number that will keep me posting, and as long as we’re still hitting that, I’ll keep at it. Best way to make sure that happens? Keep tuning in.

If you’re done for the season?

Chill the f**k out.

Seriously. The biggest battle I fight with training clients is to get them to take an actual, honest to goodness break after the CX season is over.

So, if you’re still racing, plan on taking a small break when you’re done. If you’re done, take a small break.


At bare minimum take a full week completely off the bike.

Better yet, especially if you did a full road or Mtb season prior to the CX season, take a couple/few weeks off the bike.

If you’ve got something else athletic to do with your time, I’m pretty damn cool with folks taking all of December off the bike.

Go ski, get in the weight room, do some crossfit, some martial arts practice… something other than cycling. It’s good for you.

I’d go farther than that, actually.

For most people – especially older athletes – cycling isn’t sufficient to keep your body functioning optimally. Cyclocross is a lot better than the other disciplines this way, but you’re still strapping your body into a rigid framework and performing a very restricted range of body motions in a non-weight bearing state over and over and over and over… a lot.

Cyclists tend to find themselves fighting muscle imbalance issues as they get older, and it ain’t a coincidence.

If you’ve never had any of these maladies, count yourself lucky. Odds are, that luck will run out eventually. So, stop counting your lucky stars and do something about it.

Make this off-season into something that will set the stage for years of healthy cycling, and whole body wellness.

Make this the off season where you finally do those off the bike exercises that you’ve been avoiding all those other off seasons.

Stay tuned. More on this soon.




Thanks for following along.

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s been a “begging for money” bit attached to the beginning of this page for a couple/few weeks now.

I’d like to thank everyone who has chipped in this season – and the past couple of seasons – when I’ve asked you to. It’s made a difference.

How much of a difference?

Well, let’s put it this way; the small donations from you folks have kept the lights on on this page.

There’s a certain (small) amount of money that has to come out of my pocket to pay for this page, and there’s a certain (larger) amount of money that, as a largely self-employed person, I need to write off based on the time spent on writing, posting, and – yes – giving training advice away that other people charge for.

This all adds up, and if the numbers don’t make sense, the edifice collapses.

So, once again, thanks to those who have contributed.

It is deeply appreciated.

Want to get yourself a dose of that appreciation?

Simply click on the graphic below, and PayPal will be glad to make it happen.


Thanks for the consideration!


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