The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 8.21.16. “Easy like”

Howdy folks,

Happy Sunday morning to you!

With the season just about to start up, there won’t be too many more “easy” Sunday mornings…




…at least for a while, so I slept In a bit today. I hope you did as well!

Now that I’m up, it’s time to start thinking about riding, and well… kinda’ running out of ways to say this, but… go long today. 

Up here in Seattle, we’re exactly a month away from the start of the local CX series. For people that want to come into that first race flying, this is about the time they should be finishing up their long mileage weekends, with a transition into shorter intervals and speed work imminent.

Expect to see something a bit like that on here over the next couple/few weeks. Yay, more intervals!

Today, though?

Today, get on out there and put some miles under your wheels.

Might be a while before you’re doing that again…





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~ by crosssports on August 21, 2016.

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