The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Sunday, 8.14.16. “Roasted, and long.”

Howdy folks,


Yup. It’s Sunday.

Looks like it’s fixin’ to be a pretty darn nice day just about everywhere. One of those late summer days that’s just made for getting out on the bike and putting in some miles.

Did you read yesterday’s post?

Today is, well… it’s pretty much the same thing.

Take advantage of the bee-yoo-tee-ful summer weather to head on out and get some bike time in your legs.

OK, ok… I hear ‘ya.

You’re looking for something more specific. You want me to tell you exactly how to ride today.

“Long and/or hard” ain’t enough.

Maybe try this on for size…

Long (Slow) Roast



No real warm up effort required. You pretty much hop on the bike and go.

So, hop on the bike.

Ramp up to a level of output that’s approximately 2/3 of your FTP.

(If you’re interested in finding out more about this whole “FTP” thing, check out the webinar from my fellow Source Endurance coach Mitchell Sides a week from tomorrow.)

Hold this level for the duration of the ride.

Yup. You’re looking to average that power level for the whole damn thing, and as much as possible, you want to keep the output pretty darn consistent.

Just keep rolling along piling on the miles at a steady output level.

If you can, you do the whole damn ride one damn gear bigger than you feel comfortable.


When you start out, it’s probably going to feel like you’re pushing too easy on the hills, and too hard on the flats. Don’t let this get you twisted. You’re doing it right, and it’ll all even out eventually.

As the name says, this is a long roast. It’s absolutely fine to go shorter, but ideally you’re going to ride for 3 (ish) hours. More if you’re a beast. This is a ride where you don’t put out more wattage to increase the difficulty, you put in more distance, more saddle time.

How long can you go?

Odds are 3 hours is really going to be pushing it for most folks.

Find out if you’re one of ’em.

By the end, it’s just going to feel like your legs are made of lead. Or tapioca. One or the other, depending.

When you’re finished, go home, eat, relax, recover.

Have fun,




Hey folks! Go Check out…


Coaching, FTW.

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