The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Saturday, 1.2.16. “Illogical”

Howdy folks,

So, hey… we’re at the point where dispensing a Workout Of The Day for Nationals stops making sense.


Because everybody is racing on a different day.

If you’re racing on Wednesday, giving you the same workout as the person who is racing on Sunday makes no sense at all.

So… what to do?

Think about what you usually do during a typical week of the season.

Whatever your routine is, it’s your routine, and it’s rarely a good thing to make dramatic departures from it for “the big race.” Usually more harm than good in that.

So, break things down and count back from race day…

  • Race day
    • Race, eh?
  • Day before race –
    • Openers. Course preview.
  • 2 days before race –
    • easy day, or short sprints
  • 3 days before race –
    • run or interval work. This week, should be short, fast interval session. Emphasis on “fast.”
  • 4 days before race –
    • longer ride, some kind of cross skills work
  • 5 days before race –
    • Two by twenty Tuesday, or something of the sort. For some folks, it’s a really good idea to keep this in the program on big race weeks, but think of subbing more speed work, or shortening to 10 minute intervals, with a sprint set following.
  • 6 days before race –
    • Recovery day

…and there you have it.

Race week.

Go forth, kick some ass.




~ by crosssports on January 2, 2016.

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