The Cyclocross Workout Of the Day for Thursday, 11.5.15. “Staycate”

Howdy folks,

I hope you’re all having a lovely Thursday morning!

Thursday can be kind of a strange day, training-wise.

What you do today is really dependent on what your weekend plans look like, and there’s a pretty tremendous variance in that, both from person to person, and from week to week, within any one person’s schedule.

So it’s really hard to have consistency in your Thursday plans.

Unless, of course, you think of the consistency of the inconsistency as being consistent.

That works, I guess.

So… what should you be doing today?

Well, it depends.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been seeing lots of people sorta’ hitting the wall lately, so getting some extra rest & recovery in is probably a good idea for a lot of you. If you’re racing on Saturday –  especially if you’re also racing on Sunday this week – think about taking today completely off the bike.

Relax a bit, get some life stuff done, try to get to sleep early tonight.

Racing on Sunday but not Saturday? Feeling pretty darn good?

How about doing some…

Sventervals – 

Just like in the video.

Really darn short – 10 seconds max – full gas hill sprints, ideally on pretty technical terrain.

Notice how hard Sven is breathing after these?

That’s the idea.

Hit it hard. Really hard.

5 sets of 5 with 5 minutes recovery between sets, or until you see a pronounced drop in output level.

Not racing at all this week? Feeling pretty good?

If you have the freedom to do so, maybe think about getting out on a long ride.

One of the things we start to see this time of year is that the longer endurance work we put in over the summer is starting to wear off, and while folks might be pretty fast, they’re starting to lose their oomph at the tail end of the races.

Sometimes this is just general fatigue, but other times it’s a lack of the sort of form that only comes from putting in some saddle time.

If you were a Euro pro, you’d be starting to think about the training week in Mallorca that’s coming up.

Sounds nice, eh?

Probably not so realistic for most of us, though, but maybe start to think about some ways you can inject a couple of long riding days into the schedule over the next couple of weeks.

Got a race you’re not really excited about doing?

Maybe skip it, and put in a weekend of long rides.

Got some personal days you need to burn before the end of the year?

A mid-week cycling staycation could be just the ticket.

Think about it…

Have fun,





Hey there…

Thanks for following my blog!

This thing started off as a lark, and over the years that I’ve been doing it, has become a little bit of a monster.

It takes a fair bit of time – and a wee bit of money – to keep this thing rolling, and as you may have noticed, I’ve recently started asking for folks to chip in a bit if they feel like what they’re getting her is worth something to them.

Honestly, it’s not like I’m trying to get rich off this here thing… or really even make any money from it at all.

It’d just make my life a fair bit easier if I didn’t lose quite as much money doing this as I currently do.


It’d just make my life a fair bit easier if I didn’t lose money doing this!

So, hey… if you feel like you’ve gotten anything of value out of this blog, please do me a favor – and yes, it’s a favor, and I will be truly thankful for it – and send a buck or two (or five, or whatever…) my way.

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