The #Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Friday, 8.21.15. “Two Birds, One Stone”

Howdy folks,

Yikes! Getting this one up late today, sorry!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Yesterday we did some running, and as mentioned last week I like to follow running days with something that works on your foot speed.


Well, after years of training folks, I’ve observed a correlation between running workouts and a drop in pedal velocity on the bike.

Note, correlation. 

Do I know for sure that running tamps down your foot speed on the bike?


But hey,  it might.

So why take a chance?

…plus, I’ve been poring over reams of power data recently, and just about everyone I’m working with on the individual coaching level seems to need some work on their short(er) duration output levels, so 2 birds, one stone.


Onward with the workout!


Hop on your bike and warm yerself up. You’re going to be doing some pretty intense sprints in a bit, so take the time to warm up well. Pump out a couple of medium intensity sprints, and 5 minutes or so at roughly your 2×20 output level to get the engine going.

Feeling warm?


Find yourself a straight, low-traffic stretch of road that will allow you to go full-blast for 5-10 seconds without having to pay attention to much more than your effort on the bike.

Get set, go!

Sprint for 5 seconds. Full gas.

One minute off.

Go again.

One off.

Go again…


5 sprints total.

That’s a set.

2 minutes between sets.

Got a power meter?


Make note the output level you’re hitting on these in this first set.

That’s your baseline.

Power meter folks keep going until they see a notable drop in output level.  Notable. You’ll know it when you see it.

Then a 5 minute break, try again.

Still down on power?

You’re done.

Back on level with the first set?

Go until you’re not.

Non power meter folks?

5 sets, then a 5 minute break and try again.

Legs feel great?

Keep going.

Probably won’t.



Have fun!




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