The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Saturday, 8.8.15 – “Beat it with a big stick”

Howdy folks,

Well, hell.

I had an internet cataclysm today, and after about 5 hours of complete insane-making from the clowns at your friendly neighborhood crony-capitalist monopoly Comcast (who absolutely, positively, do not care) I was finally able to fix it by – get this – banging on stuff with a big stick.

big stick

I kid you not.

Well, ok… when the banging actually kinda’ worked, It gave me enough info to know what was wrong, and then I was able to actually fix it. But still.

5 hours, a trip to the “service” center, and god knows how many phone calls later… banging on stuff did the trick?


Next time, I beat on stuff first.

So, I bet you’re asking yourself right about now “what the heck does this have to do with The Workout Of The Day?”

Good question.

Two things.

Thing 1: I’m exhausted, and still pissed off, so I’m going to make this short.

Thing 2: Sometimes brute force actually works.

In training, too.

Check out this post I wrote a little while back.

I think it’s pretty fair to characterize the workout described therein as “the brute force approach”.

But you know what?

Kinda’ like my damn internet problem, if you beat on your fitness with a big stick hard enough, eventually you might fix it.

Of course, beat it too hard or for too long and you’ll just break it…


…but that’s another post.

We’ll talk about that soon, trust me.

For tomorrow – hell, this whole weekend – though?

Get on your bike, go outside, do some epic s**t.

It’ll be good for you.



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