The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Tuesday, 12.9.14. “The Wire Training Method”

Howdy folks,

Sorry for the absence the last couple of days. This past weekend wound up being kind of a giant, prolonged clusterf**k, compounded by technical difficulties with the blog.


Today is a new day, though, and hey; this is actually kind of a new season.

What do I mean by that?

Well, traditionally, this week has been the end-point for the domestic US cyclocross scene. Only a few short years ago, when Nats was in December, pretty much all the local cross races packed up their tents for the season after the first weekend of the month… and it seems that many (perhaps most) of them still do.

So, this is the silly season. It’s a transition time between road and cross for most,  but also a time where those who plan to carry on through National’s new date in January are training hard when most of their friends are downing eggnog and making excuses to delay the winter roadie rides for as long as possible.

Up here in Seattle, things aren’t nearly as bleak as they were the last couple of seasons; we actually have 4 races on the calendar between now and the end of the year, and that’s going to improve the situation markedly. Racing is, after all, great damn training.*

It’s still going to be really hard to get the bike time and intensity necessary to be competitive in the grey days of December.

The rain doesn’t help.

Neither do the sunsets at 4:30. (Yeah, yeah… I know. You don’t live in gloomy Seattle. Gloat away.)

Wet roads, no daylight, no training partners… you know where this is going, right?


Trainer time.


Let’s face it, most people can’t stand riding on the trainer. When the weather is crap, you’re riding by yourself, and it’s dark the entire time you’re not at work, though?

Suddenly the trainer doesn’t sound so bad.

Especially when you factor in the time efficiency of the gerbil machine. No dicing with traffic, no travel time out to the one traffic-free area that’s long enough to do your 2×20 effort…

Suddenly the trainer doesn’t sound so bad.

I’ve got a way to make it not just not-so-bad, but almost, kinda-sorta, just maybe in the ballpark of, an actual enjoyable experience.


Ladies & Gentlemen…

The Wire Training Program…

Here’s how this goes…**

Put your bike on the trainer.

Situate bike and trainer in such a manner that you have a clear view of a television

Turn on episode 1 of The Wire.

Begin your regularly scheduled interval, or endurance, or recovery workout. Might I suggest The Classic 2×20?

When you finish your workout, turn off the TV, at whatever place in the particular episode of the series you find yourself.

You can only watch the continuation of the episode – or subsequent episodes – if you’re logging trainer time. Not riding? Not viewing. Sorry.

Desire to be on trainer increases exponentially.

Side effects can include increased cable TV bills, sweat-rot of headphone pads, and unconscious flinching when hearing the name “Omar”spoken aloud.

Feel free to substitute other serial programming of your choice for The Wire. Successful client choices have included DexterBand Of Brothers, and (god help us…) Sex And The City




*Kind of. Racing is kind-of great training. Training != racing, but racing also != training. There are things you get from each that you can’t get from the other, specificity be damned.

** I am actually totally serious about this nonsense. It works ridiculously well. I’d be way faster right now if there were two more seasons of The Wire.




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One Response to “The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Tuesday, 12.9.14. “The Wire Training Method””

  1. Great way to describe December around here. Wish the season was just getting started!

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