This holiday season, I’d like to give thanks for everyone who has visited, shared, or contributed to

This thing wouldn’t exist without the well over 100,000 visits that have kept me motivated to continue, and the generous patrons of the site who came out of the woodwork in response to the recent appeal.

Thank you all, but a special shout out to…


Michael McClane

Joel Liefke

William Cornell

Julie Zivin

Colin Ferguson

Are Tee

The Mahan Clan

The McDonald Family

Heidi Wood

Natalie & Jeff Koncz

Jonny Sundt

The Nemesis Racing Team and Frenemies


Kevin Tamura

Tyler Nelson

Thomas Mahaney

Larry Steinberg

Joshua Stinger

James Carrigan

Jason Carleton

Ian Horton

Tim Bantham

Lance Logan

Michael VanOrden

Nick Leggett

Jacob Sheppard

Brenda Bahnson

Ian Gerrish

Tracy Erbeck

Lynda Palubeski

Eric Blomquist

Greg Awalt

Chris Adolf

Michael Brown

Nikos Mills

Jackie Spiller

Robert Spinks

John Plump

Robert Airey

Dave Stonich

Charles Hubbs

John Lemonius

Nicholas White

Scott Reeves

Marshall Bassett

Matthew Newman

(My apologies if I missed your name. I had a list. It was in my race bag. When I went to a cross race at Enumclaw. It looks like a large spitball now. I tried to reconstruct it, and I’msuper sorry if I missed your name. Thank you, thank you, thank you.)


~ by crosssports on November 28, 2014.

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