The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Monday, 10.27.14. “Ice Packing so you don’t have to”

Howdy folks,

Well, it’s Monday! You made it through another weekend of racing, and hopefully did so in better condition than your’s truly.

Washing your front wheel out right as you step over the saddle for a full-speed flat barrier section?

Not recommended. Tends to leave a mark.

Remember, I do these thing so you don’t have to.

While I’m sitting on an ice pack today, I’ll be watching…

…to get myself stoked for next weekend’s version of the race, and – as usual – to see what pearls of wisdom I can derive from watching the best in the business go at it hammer & tongs.

This was a fantastic edition of the Classic Koppenbergcross, and with the action going right down to the wire, it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat right to the finish.

Pay a little bit of extra attention to the different techniques the riders utilize to negotiate the always hazardous descent off the Berg. It’s pretty unlikely you’ll be fighting your way down anything quite that massive in your weekend race, but there’s one hell of a lot to be learned from analyzing the choices they make – and if you’re doing the Jingle Cross Rock weekend?
Might just need to have some of those tricks in your quiver to make it down Mt. Krumpet if it’s wet!

Anyways, enjoy the vid, perhaps while you spin your legs out on the trainer doing today’s…

Recovery Spin –

– Get on your bike. Roll out into the street, and just spin around for an hour.

– Really small gear, no hard efforts – heck, no medium effort.

– Spin. You’re looking to move your legs around in circles, almost like there is no chain on the bike.

– The idea is to get your body moving, flush the systems out, and speed your recovery.

– Just get out on the road and spin aimlessly. At a certain point, your legs suddenly feel better.

– As soon as that happens, turn around, go home, eat, stretch, and put your legs up.

If you can finagle it, today would be a great day to get a massage, see your physio/chiro/acupuncturist. Get some bodywork, whichever flavor works for you.




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Honestly, it’s not like I’m trying to get rich off this here thing… or really even make any money from it at all.

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