The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Thursday, 12.19.13. “Broooo!”

Howdy folks,

Yikes… Thursday already?


If you’re still going at it, training hard for Nationals, then odds are things are starting to get a wee bit tough, mentally.

There just isn’t much going on, race-wise, or even practice-wise in this dead zone time between the last races of the season and the new(ish) Nationals date.


All I can really say is, stick with it, and do what you can to keep things fun.

Ride outside when you can, try to find some buddies to ride with, and if taking a day off the bike to go skiing (or something of the like…)

…will keep you from going bonkers, do it.

Today, though?

Today we’re going to get a little bit of intensity in, and do…

The Mi15

Warm up well. (Seriously. Warm up for this one, it’ll help.)

The basic idea here is to do a series of very short efforts with very little rest between them, for a pretty long period of time.

Sound confusing?

Here’s how it breaks down…

Warm up.

Get set…


15 seconds on

15 seconds off

15 seconds on

15 seconds off

…and so on and so on for the duration of the interval.

How long are you going to do this for?

 – Ten minutes would be great.

Four sets, 5 minutes between sets.

How hard do you go during the “on” segments?

– Pretty darn hard.

You’re familiar with the level of effort you put out in your 2×20′s by now, right?

You need to go at least that hard.

Harder would be good.

Ideally, you’ll hit these on periods at right about 150% of your FTP, if you’re down with FTP…

That’s about 1/2 again as hard as your 2×20 level.


How easy do you go during the “off” segments?

– A lot easier, but you aren’t quite soft pedaling.

Right about 50% of your FTP, or half as hard as your 2×20 level.

Again, ouch.

Want to know the real “Ouch”?

Ultimately, you want to be able to do 6 sets of these, or 3 sets twenty minutes each.

Seriously, Ouch.

Maybe not today though, eh? 3 or 4 sets is pretty darn good.

Spin your legs out/warm down when finished.




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